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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions asked by clients before engagement. 

  • Initial 30-minute over-the-phone consultations are free.

  • All communications are confidential.

  • In our initial consultation, we will discuss pricing your situation and options to proceed. 

Initial Consultations


  • Our standard rates can vary between $40 - $100 per hour depending on the assigned task. 

  • How much do we charge? We may charge a flat or hourly rate, with mileage at the federal rate, and any additional case expenses incurred.

  • Customers are billed in quarterly increments. Ex. 15 minutes =.25 hrs

  • Our standard rates for surveillance are $75 per hour. 

  • Our standard travel time rates to locations are $75 per hour. 

  • Cases located 3 hours away from the Minneapolis, St. Paul area will result in an overnight hotel stay plus an overnight food stipend at the client's expense if early mornings are requested or needed.  

  • During surveillance operations, we require a 4-hour minimum when conducting surveillance.​

  • Fees are based on an hourly rate for each assigned investigator.

  • Mileage and other related case expenses incurred will be at the client's expense

  • All "Rush Cases"  will be billed at a rate of 1.5 our normal rates.  

  • Depending on our caseload at the time of your case submission you may need to wait a week or 2 before we can begin your case. This is because you are not our only client.

  • Submitting a case form to us does not constitute a contract or agreement with Dragnet Investigation, LLC. After submission, a member of Dragnet Investigations will review your case at which point you will then be contacted to determine our next steps moving forward.  

  • By submitting an online form to Dragnet Investigaitons, LLC, you hereby certify that the information supplied in your form submission is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also understand that providing false or misleading information may result in your case being rejected and forfeit any and all funds that may have been paid to Dragnet Investigations, LLC pertaining to your case.

Case Submission
  • Surveillance operations can span weeks to months depending on the situation. 

Duration Of Case
  • A detailed report regarding our efforts "work product" will be provided to the client's attorney, this may vary depending on the client's case due to the nature of privileged information.

  • Please understand that privileged information includes (SSN, DOB, registered addresses, phone number, registered car information, etc..). We will only release privileged information to attornies and is not up for debate. 

  • If you do not have an attorney we will provide you with only a verbal report regarding our efforts.  

  •  All work products will be available to the client's attorney which will include reports, video footage, and all obtained relevant documentation regarding the case. 

End of Case
  • Any outstanding payments owed of services are due upon completion of the case.

  • We only accept Money orders, Checks, Venmo, Cashier's Check, Debit, and Credit Card Payments.

  • If client uses a credit card or any other form of payment that requires processing, client will pay for any and all payment processing fees. 

  • Make all money orders & checks out to Dragnet Investigations, LLC. 

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