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We specialize in offering a wide range of investigative services to various industries. Our experienced team of investigators is well-versed in providing solutions to complex problems, utilizing the latest technology and proven investigative techniques. We offer our services to legal, insurance, corporate, financial, retail, and personal industries.

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Legal Industry

Private detective agencies offer a range of legal services to various clients, including lawyers, the general public, insurance companies, and other private investigation agencies. These services play a crucial role in supporting legal proceedings, gathering evidence, and ensuring that justice is served. Here are some of the key legal services provided by private detective agencies:

  1. Evidence Collection: Private detective agencies assist lawyers by gathering crucial evidence for their cases. This can include witness statements, photographs, videos, and other relevant documentation. By conducting thorough investigations, detectives help build strong cases that stand up in court.

  2. Surveillance: Surveillance is a common service provided by private detectives to lawyers and other clients. Surveillance can be used to monitor the activities of individuals involved in legal cases, such as personal injury claims, matrimonial disputes, or criminal investigations. This helps gather real-time information and provides insights that contribute to legal strategies.

  3. Background Checks: Private investigators conduct extensive background checks on individuals, businesses, and organizations to uncover any hidden information that might be relevant to a legal matter. These checks help lawyers and clients make informed decisions and anticipate potential challenges.

  4. Witness Locating and Interviews: Locating and interviewing witnesses is a crucial part of legal proceedings. Private detectives excel in tracking down witnesses, conducting interviews, and obtaining statements that can strengthen a case's credibility.

  5. Process Serving: Private investigators play a vital role in serving legal documents such as subpoenas, summonses, and notices. They ensure that these documents are delivered accurately and within the legal guidelines, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the legal process.

  6. Expert Testimony: In some cases, private investigators with specialized knowledge may provide expert testimony in court. Their insights can help clarify complex investigative methods and findings, assisting judges and juries in understanding the evidence presented.

  7. Insurance Claims Investigations: Insurance companies rely on private detectives to investigate claims, especially those involving suspected fraud or misrepresentation. Investigators collect evidence, interview parties involved, and provide comprehensive reports that help insurance companies make informed decisions about claims.

  8. Due Diligence for Businesses: Private investigators perform due diligence investigations to help lawyers and businesses assess potential partners, clients, or competitors. These investigations uncover financial, legal, and reputational risks that may impact business decisions or legal strategies.

  9. Covert Operations: Private detective agencies might conduct covert operations within the boundaries of the law to gather critical information. These operations can involve undercover work, sting operations, and other tactics that provide unique insights into certain cases.


In conclusion, we play an essential role in supporting legal proceedings and investigations for a diverse range of clients. By offering services such as evidence collection, surveillance, background checks, and more, these agencies contribute to the pursuit of justice and the successful resolution of legal matters.

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Insurance Industry

Private detective agencies play a vital role within the insurance industry by providing a range of services that help insurance companies assess claims, detect fraud, and ensure the accuracy of information provided by claimants. These services contribute to the integrity of the insurance process and help prevent financial losses due to fraudulent activities. Here are some of the key insurance industry services offered by private detective agencies:


  1. Claims Verification: Private investigators verify the accuracy of information provided by claimants to ensure that claims are legitimate. This includes reviewing medical records, accident reports, and other relevant documentation to confirm the details of an incident.

  2. Fraud Detection: One of the primary roles of private detectives in the insurance industry is to identify instances of insurance fraud. We investigate suspicious claims by conducting surveillance, analyzing evidence, and uncovering discrepancies that may indicate fraudulent activities.

  3. Surveillance: Private investigators conduct surveillance on individuals who have filed insurance claims to determine the validity of their injuries or disabilities. This includes monitoring claimants' activities to assess whether their reported limitations align with their actual actions.

  4. Background Checks: Private detectives perform comprehensive background checks on claimants to uncover any hidden information that might impact the insurance claim. This includes checking for previous claims, criminal history, and inconsistencies in personal details.

  5. Witness Statements: Private investigators interview witnesses to accidents, injuries, or other incidents to gather accurate and unbiased statements. This helps insurance companies assess liability and the extent of damages.

  6. Accident Scene Investigations: In cases involving accidents, private detectives can visit the scene to gather evidence, take photographs, and reconstruct the events leading up to the incident. This information aids in determining fault and assessing the scope of the claim.

  7. Social Media Investigations: Private investigators monitor claimants' social media activities to assess whether their online posts align with their reported injuries or conditions. Inconsistent social media behavior can raise red flags about the legitimacy of a claim.

  8. Staged Accident Investigations: Private detectives investigate cases where accidents may have been intentionally staged to defraud insurance companies. These investigations often involve identifying suspicious patterns, coordinating with law enforcement, and gathering evidence of fraudulent activities.

  9. Loss Prevention: Private investigators offer services to prevent losses for insurance companies by identifying vulnerabilities in their processes and recommending strategies to mitigate risks.

  10. Subrogation Investigations: Private detectives assist insurance companies in subrogation cases, where they seek reimbursement from responsible parties after paying out claims. Investigators gather evidence to support subrogation claims and ensure that responsible parties are held accountable.

  11. Claimant Background Checks: Private investigators assess the credibility of claimants by investigating their history, employment status, and financial background. This information helps insurance companies evaluate the likelihood of fraudulent claims.

  12. Expert Testimony: Private investigators with specialized knowledge may provide expert testimony in insurance-related cases, explaining investigative methods and findings to support insurance companies' positions.


In conclusion, we are essential partners for the insurance industry, helping companies verify claims, detect fraud, and ensure fair compensation for legitimate claims. Our expertise in investigations, surveillance, and evidence gathering contributes to maintaining the integrity of insurance processes and preventing financial losses due to fraudulent activities.

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Family Law Industry

We offer valuable services to the family law industry, assisting individuals, lawyers, and legal professionals in cases involving domestic matters, child custody disputes, and relationship issues. These services help uncover essential information, gather evidence, and provide clarity in often complex and emotionally charged situations. Here are some of the key family law industry services provided by private detective agencies:


  1. Infidelity Investigations: Private investigators assist in cases of suspected infidelity by discreetly gathering evidence of a spouse's or partner's extramarital affairs. This evidence can be crucial in divorce proceedings and property division.

  2. Child Custody Investigations: Private detectives play a crucial role in child custody cases by conducting investigations to assess the well-being and suitability of each parent. They gather evidence to determine whether a parent's lifestyle and living conditions are conducive to child custody arrangements.

  3. Child Support and Alimony Investigations: Private investigators can verify a parent's income, employment, and financial situation to ensure accurate determination of child support and alimony payments.

  4. Background Checks: Private detectives conduct background checks on individuals who might have an impact on family law cases, including potential partners, caregivers, and other family members.

  5. Surveillance: In custody cases, private investigators may conduct surveillance to monitor the activities of parents involved. This helps establish patterns of behavior and determine whether they comply with court orders.

  6. Asset Searches: Private investigators assist in uncovering hidden assets that may be relevant to divorce proceedings, property division, and financial settlements.

  7. Domestic Violence and Abuse Cases: Private detectives can gather evidence of domestic violence or abuse to support protective orders and legal actions taken by victims.

  8. Parental Fitness Investigations: Private investigators assess whether a parent's behavior, actions, or lifestyle may pose a risk to the well-being of their children.

  9. Location of Missing Persons: In cases involving child abduction or disputes over visitation rights, private detectives help locate missing children or individuals to facilitate legal resolutions.

  10. Modification of Orders: Private investigators assist in cases where one party seeks a modification of existing court orders, such as changes in child custody, visitation, or support arrangements.

  11. Adultery or Cohabitation Cases: Private detectives gather evidence to prove or disprove claims of adultery or cohabitation, which can impact alimony payments and property division.

  12. Verification of Claims: Private investigators verify claims made by parties involved in family law cases, such as allegations of substance abuse, neglect, or misconduct.

  13. Evidence Collection: Private detectives gather evidence to support claims of parental alienation, where one parent attempts to turn the child against the other parent.

  14. Interviews and Witness Statements: Private investigators interview witnesses, family members, and individuals relevant to family law cases to gather statements and insights that support legal proceedings.

  15. Mediation Support: Private detectives provide information and evidence that can assist in mediating family law disputes, helping parties reach amicable solutions outside of court.


In conclusion, we provide crucial services to the family law industry, helping individuals navigate emotionally charged situations, gather evidence, and achieve fair and just outcomes in cases involving divorce, child custody, support, and various domestic matters. This is our role in uncovering information and providing insights that contribute to informed legal decisions and the well-being of the families involved.

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Private Sector 

We offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet the needs of the private sector. These services assist businesses, organizations, and individuals in addressing various challenges, protecting assets, and ensuring security. Here are some key private sector services provided by our private detective agency:

  1. Background Checks and Pre-Employment Screening: Private investigators help businesses make informed hiring decisions by conducting thorough background checks on potential employees. This includes verifying employment history, criminal records, education credentials, and more.

  2. Corporate Due Diligence: Private detectives perform due diligence investigations to assess the financial stability, reputation, and legal compliance of potential business partners, clients, or competitors.

  3. Intellectual Property Protection: Private investigators assist in protecting intellectual property rights by conducting investigations into copyright and trademark infringements, counterfeiting, and unauthorized use of proprietary information.

  4. Employee Misconduct Investigations: Private detectives investigate cases of employee misconduct, such as theft, embezzlement, fraud, and violations of company policies.

  5. Loss Prevention and Asset Protection: Private investigators assist retail and business establishments in preventing theft, employee pilferage, and other forms of loss through surveillance and security assessments.

  6. Surveillance for Workers' Compensation Claims: Private detectives conduct surveillance to verify the legitimacy of workers' compensation claims, ensuring that reported injuries align with claimants' actions.

  7. Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Private investigators identify vulnerabilities and potential risks within businesses and organizations, recommending strategies to mitigate those risks.

  8. Undercover Operations: Private detectives may go undercover within businesses to uncover internal theft, identify security weaknesses, or gather evidence of employee misconduct.

  9. Mystery Shopping: Private investigators act as mystery shoppers to evaluate the customer service, product quality, and overall experience provided by businesses.

  10. Litigation Support: Private investigators assist legal teams by gathering evidence, conducting witness interviews, and providing expert testimony in civil and commercial litigation cases.

  11. Insurance Fraud Prevention: Private detectives work with insurance companies to prevent fraudulent claims, conducting investigations to verify the accuracy of reported incidents.


In conclusion, we offer a wide range of services to the private sector, addressing various security, investigative, and risk management needs.

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